I Appreciate it.

Book lover, book reader, word writer, letter editor, studious student, illustrator of real things, illustrator of imaginary things, designer of pictures and pages and posters, tattooer, player of guitars, and banjos, and pianos too, singer of songs, reluctant athlete, failed yogi, polyamory advocate, unprofessional photographer, experienced psychonaut, radical emancipator, warrior for social justice, anarchist, communist, anarcho-communist, bearer of strong legs, lifter of heavy things, bearer of good news, exceptionally good cuddler, adept lover, poor responder to emails, drinker of milk, and possibly a friend.


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    Oh the Joseph Conrad, I’m spoiled, I work on the sailboats just of your stern all summer.
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    Full-rigged ship at dock, looking like a ghost ship.
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    Another one of my favorite ships. Wishing I could see her out on the seas again. I know she has a twin, but nothing’s...
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    Joseph Conrad
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